The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 23

She took a deep breath and reached for her bag. Inside were five glass jars filled with a mixture of water and crushed rare flowers. MΓ‘ng NΓΉ recognized creatures by scent. One knew once the chaos started they wouldn't be able to hear a thing, and the scent of the flower mixture was so strong not even the adept nose of a MΓ‘ng NΓΉ could smell anything through it. She readied them in her arms and gave a soft whistle to let Red know it was time. The otter poked her head out a little and nervously let out the Danger call. Shreiks filled the cave, echoing the warning to the back. One took one of the jars and chucked it at the ceiling. It crashed into one of the bats and a cluster of them scattered in a panicked frenzy. She threw the remaining four at different parts of the ceiling. The cave was filled eith a horde of onycs flying aimlessly about. So far so good, but now came the dangerous part. They were afraid, but she had to make them scared enough to start biting in self defense. She pulled a pike from her back and readied herself to run.

She threw the pike, stabbing one of the bats through the wing and hiting another in the back. Immediatly, the second bat scrambled to its feet and dove into the nearest bat, biting it in the neck. They struggled throwing each other into another onyc and them biting them. The aggression spread through the swarm, each MΓ‘ng NΓΉ sinking its fangs into another, and One and Red were directly in the middle of it. One whistled and Corvi sped down the corridor, snatching One and Red up in one swift motion. Several of the onycs followed directly behind them, snapping at Corvi and each other. Corvi's added speed kept them just out of the reach of the snapping jaws of the bats. The argent led them directly into the waiting jaws of the creatures at the cave's entrance.

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