The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 19

The cloud swooped down into a thick forest that One didn't remember ever seeing before. It was difficult to navigate through the thick stems and vines. The enire forest was alive with hungry plants, snapping at them as they passed, hoping to snag a quick meal. Deeper in the forest, the trees and carnivorous plants cleared out, making way for the entrance of a cave. The bats disappeared into the cave's yawning mouth. One landed Corvi outside the entrance and peered inside. The onycs were heading deeper down and One didn't want to go into a dark cavern full of bloodthirsty creatures. A few of the onycs banged into the walls as they tried to follow the rest. One of the onycs hit a stalacite and crashed to the ground. The rest of the bats had gone, and the stunned onyc staggered back into an upright position. Without hesitation, One took the opportunity and skewered the onyc with her pike.

It shrieked and scrambled, and for a second, One feared its colony would come to its aid, but the cave remained silent but for the cries of the impaled onyc. It struggled for a second longer, but then fell still. One held the pike up, lifting its limp body off the ground. An idea crossed her mind and she began to formulate a plan. She carried the dead MΓ‘ng NΓΉ back to Corvi, who froze at the sight of it. "Let's go," One said, climbing onto the argent's back and strapping the bat corpse to the saddle. "We've got work to do."

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