The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 18

One whistled. Immediately, Corvi turned and made a mad dash towards the rex. One pushed Venus forward at full speed. This was a race for their lives now. She looked around. There was a diplo in the distance. They could make it. The distance between Corvi and Venus grew smaller quickly. The rex slowed down, exauhsted from just a short moment of running. One urged her to go faster. They couldn't afford to slow down. Venus didn't know what was at stake here. She had never encountered these onycs before. One looked back. Corvi was right behind her. The argent dove suddenly, snatching One from Venus' back and lifting her into the air. Confused and shocked, One looked back. She couldn't see the onycs, but she could still hear them. She looked down to see Venus snapping at the bats as they shredded her to pieces.

"No!" One screamed. She whistled for Corvi to land, but the bird kept flying. "Let me go!" One kicked and fought to break free of Corvi's grasp, but the argent's grip was too strong. One looked back again. Venus was on the ground, chunks of her face and sides missing. She gave one last roar and her head dropped. The onycs dug in immediatly and One watched as Venus was eaten away in seconds. She was furious at Corvi, but mostly at herself. She should have known Venus' lack of stamina would make her an easy target. She looked up. The cloud of bats lifted into the air and started flying off again towards the volcano, and, presumably, home. One pulled herself onto Corvi's back and pulled her reigns back. The bird squawked in protest, but One was too angry with her to care what she wanted. She turned Corvi towards the bats and followed them. She would figure out where they lived, and then she would find a way to kill them.

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