The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 16

One pull out her rifle and fired a shocking tranq dart at the allo's face. It fell to the ground immediatly, already worn down by the bats. She put a peice of meat in its mouth and looked at the damage while it ate. It was a miracle he was still alive. He stood up a few minutes later and looked at One, slightly calmer than he had been. He was a shadow under the trees. "You're nothing but trouble, I can already tell," she muttered as she marked the name: "Jet" into his implant. "Let's go," she said, whistling for allo to follow her. She stepped out from under the cover the trees. Jet froze and looked up at the sky fearfully. He was afraid the bats would come back, and if One was honest, so was she. She whistled again and he stepped out reluctantly. Their return to the beach was uninterrupted. The bats didn't return, most likely well fed by the bronto carcass. She put Jet in the Rex pen. Mars and Mercury looked at him confused. Their daughter Venus however was happy to have a new friend. One walked back to her hut and pulled out her explorer notes. During the attack, something had occured to her.


The cave was silent. Aside from the squeaky snores of the colony, there was nothing left to make noise. They had cleaned it out all the way to the heart of the cave. With their steady supply of food exterminated, they would have to travel back outside the cave to find more prey, but they had already gotten used to the openess of the outside world. Soon enough, they would find somewhere else outside the cave for the colony to reside, making hunting much faster and easier. Food would be scarce no longer, and larger prey would make every feeding a fulfilling meal. They burned the scent of the brontosaurus into their memory. They had found a new favorite meal.

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