The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 14

One walked through the redwoods trees, keeping her eyes up. The last time she was here, she had been pounced on by a thyla, and she didn't want to relive that experience. She looked back at the pack of wolves following her. They were all strong. If anything went wrong, she had a good chance of making it back with all of them. This wouldn't be like last time. They crossed the river that led over to the volcano and started their ascent, keeping to the right side. Kepoi barked and One looked down. There was the cave she was looking for. They climbed down towards the cave. One chipped away at a rock, gathering supplies for a campfire. There was a soft coo from behind her and she turned around, coming face to face with a troodon. She looked up. There were several of them, prancing around like they owned the woods.

Very slowly, One reached for her sword, but was immediatley bitten. She hacked at the troodon, who called to its friends. They surrounded her, snapping at her from all sides. One tried to swing her sword again, but found she couldnt mover her arm. Her legs gave out and she was on the ground, unable to move. The troodons continued to bite. One panicked. She couldn't defend herself. The troodons' barks were interrupted by a howl. The pack alpha, Loki, charged down the mountain's side, the pack right behind him. One couldn't turn her head to see the fight, but after a while, no more noise came from the troodons. It wasn't too long before she could mobe her arms again, then her legs. Dead troodons littered the outside of the cave. One patted Loki's head and walked towards the cave before something hit her in the back, sending her flying into a rock.

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