The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 12

One spent the rest of the night checking on Corvi and researching as mich as she could about the onycs. A few keywords in the entry had been translated. "Danger" was the most used, but there were also words like, "Eater" and "Barbaric." From what One could gather, their only thought was "Kill and Eat." A loud shriek broke the silence. One leapt to her feet and poked her head outside. Corvi was awake, screeching down from the aviary at something on the ground. One held the torch in her hand out to see what it was, but all she caught was a dark scaly squiggle slithering away into the moonlit forest. A titanoboa? Here? The Footpaw wasn't too far from the swamp, but far enough that the creatures residing there wouldn't venture as far as the beach. The realization hit her quickly. That was the same boa from earlier, the one that attacked them. One whistled to the twins and White Fang and set them as guards to keep watch. If the snake came back, she needed to know. Running back to the hut, One flipped open the explorer notes again and flipped to the back. There was another entry with a simple drawing of a large snake and no author. At the top was the name, "Sandman," and under the drawing there were only a few lines reading:

"Never look into its eye. Never let it hypnotize. Never encounter it in the night. Never give it the chance to bite."

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