The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 11

Corvi dropped the human on the beach and collapsed next to her. They both lay there, trying to catch their breath. As the adrenaline wore off, a burning in the human's arms and legs became more and more prevalent. She looked at her left arm. The device in her wrist and the word "ONE" printed under it were still there, but large bite marks covered the rest of her arm. In some places the bats had managed to reach bone. It was the same for her other arm and legs. One looked at Corvi, who had fared far worse. Her wings and neck were bleeding badly, and she was unconscious. One took a deep breath and pushed herself up to her feet, only to collapse immediately. Groaning in pain, she strainer her head up. She wasn't too far from the wolf pen. She whistled and two canine heads poked out; Kepoi and one of her sons, Knidos. Kepoi barked and the snow-white twins Naxos and Sicyon came running out. Knidos pulled One onto his back while the tsins and Kepoi attempted to drag Corvi to the aviary.

One slid off of Knidos's back and crawled into her hut to find materials to treat her wounds and Corvi's. After bandaging her limbs and then Corvi's neck and wings, she went back to her hut and dug through her storage. Those onycs ... she had seen them before somewhere. Finding her explorer notes, she flipped through the dossiers and looked at the onyc page. The onycs they had encountered looked different; for one thing, they didn't have eyes. She kept flipping through the rest of the book and almost missed it. It wasn't a dossier; it was a Mei-Ying entry. The writting was in a language she couldn't read, but the pictures were enough. Giant, eyeless bats, devouring a desert of bones. At the top of the page was the name and under it the translation: "MΓ‘ng NΓΉ - Blind Fury."

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