The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 8

As they flapped over the sleeping allos, Corvi turned to the direction of the beach, entering the skies over the swamp. Something dashed from the trees under her and Corvi dove after it. The human on her back yelped as she tried to keep from flying off of the saddle. The figure darted between the trees. Its dark purple body stood out like a shadow in the sunlit swamp. Corvi dived to pick up more momentum and landed on the shadow causing it to writhe under her grasp. It was a titanoboa, just as she expected.

"I found you," Corvi muttered. She dug her talons into the boa's face. It hissed in pain. "Let me go!" it shreiked. It turned over to reveal an unscarred left eye. It looked shockingly close to the boa she was looking for, but regardless, this wasn't it. She stepped off of the boa's neck and watched as it slithered away frantically. She sighed and began to flap her wings, frustrated. "So clossse," said a raspy voice, echoing through the trees. Corvi twisted her head around to see a large tree. She looked up. There was a shadowy figure stretched between branches like a vine. A gleam came off of one of its eyes. "But it looksss like you got the wrong sssnake." The figure slid down the tree and curled in the sunlight. It lifted its body up, its head towering high, as tall as the tree behind it. It was another boa, dark purple and missing its left eye.

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