The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 7

Corvi landed amongst the tall trees. Just in front of her were two allos, asleep and apparently well fed. The human quietly slid off her back and slowly walked forward, her sword at the ready. She was walking towards something lying on the ground. Corvi squinted her eyes a little and found it was a saddle, presumably belonging to the procoptodon. No wonder the allos were full. Corvi waited impatiently and something caught her attention. There was a flicker in a tree in the distance. They were close to the swamp; anything could jump out at them.

She kept her eyes on the tree, alert, but saw nothing else and returned her attention to the human. The survivor had grabbed the saddle and was slowly backing away from the allos. There was another flicker of movement, this time much closer. A sense of urgency pushed Corvi to investigate. She stepped towards the tree where she had seen the movement cautiously, making sure not to wake the allos. She peered up into the branches, and a gleam caught her eye, but the shade of the leaves hid whatever was making it. She was startled by the human jumping onto her back, causing her to squawk. One of the allos stirred a little but resettled after truning onto its other side. Both the human and Corvi gave a sigh of relief before lifting into the air.

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