The Sea Of Element

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The Sea Of Element

Chapter eleven

The group leapt out of the way of the long finger and began to shoot at the colossal beast. The bullets penetrated its thick hide, drawing green blood. It roared furiously and swiped at them, failing to hit them, giving them more time to shoot. John threw a grenade at it, the explosion knocked it backwards, giving Arnold the chance to finish it off. He leapt up at it and climbed to its shoulder. The Overseer roared furiously, and then Arnold did it, he threw a C-4 directly into its mouth and jumped off.

โ€œSorry Nick) he said, and then he activated the C-4, blowing the Overseers head apart and sending its decapitated corpse falling to the ground. The group celebrated, they had done it, the Overseer was dead...

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