The Sea Of Element

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The Sea Of Element

Chapter ten

The overseer roared furiously and smashed its fist against the ground furiously. It looked like a human, but had warty green skin covered in red boils, with long arms ending in long, spidery fingers. It had huge red eyes and mandibles instead of a mouth.

“What the... is that, you? Nick?” Arnold asked.

“Yesssss” it hissed, “I was Nick, but I fell into a river of BIO-X, and turned into thisss monsssterrrr! And now, you die”

“Nick! We were friends!”

“You abandoned me!” It roared. “You left me to die!”

“I’m so sorry”

“That’ll never work” it hissed. It raised its arm and pointed a long, twisted finger at them, and then it quickly extended forward...

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