The Sea Of Element

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The Sea Of Element

Chapter seven

To stop the overseer of aberration, they had to go through training. Arnold showed them how he got around the element region with no suit: a special drink that made him radiation immune, with that, Sarah John and Sam didn’t need a suit. They prepared themselves with armour and big weapons, each one of them got a mount to. Sarah got a rock drake, since it was the closest thing to Spark they could get, Sam got an aberrant megalosaurus, John got an aberrant bary and Arnold got his reaper that he raised as a baby. They set off to the overseer, heading deeper into aberration, until they found it, a green crystal.

“Damn it, BIO-X” Arnold muttered.

“What’s that?” Sarah asked.

“Like Element, but infused with many other things, it does a whole lot more than element, can turn you into the devil himself if you have too much”

“It looks familiar... I’ve got it! Back on scorched earth, my wyvern ate a green crystal like this one and starting talking.”

“Yeah, that’s BIO-X, it’s impossible to know what it will do to you”

Suddenly, John was grabbed off of Longjaw, his bary, and lifted up into the air, held in the jaws of a reaper...

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