The Sea Of Element

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The Sea Of Element

Chapter six

“How the hell are you not wearing a radiation suit?” Sarah asked.

“No time to explain” he said, “come with me” he dropped a small object on the floor, and there was a flash of blue light. When it cleared, they were in a metal base, huge displays of guns and armour on the walls.

“What was that?” Sam asked.

“Tek teleporter” he responded.


“Tek, I know you don’t have it here on aberration, but back on earth, we do”

“EARTH??” John exclaimed.

“Yes, I’m from earth, my name is Arnold Hunter, and I’m here to take you back where you belong.”

“How are you gonna do that?” Sarah asked.

“There’s a tek teleporter, lots bigger than the one that I used, but it’s inactive”

“Great” Sam muttered sarcastically.

“But we can start it back up again”

“How?” John asked.

“By killing the overseer of aberration”

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