Extingtion chapter 2 made by krill.

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Extingtion chapter 2 made by krill.

In the redwoods at night theres a tribe that is nown as the night scale Raptors, even tho that tribe dont have any raptors. The tribe im in is called ” the red reapers” and i dont now where the leader got the name from.

-so, why are we here? I askt not knowing what we were planing with the nsR tribe nsR is the way im gonna say in the continuing sins it fels better to say then the night scale Raptors.

-are old enemis have megatheriums that the nsR dont need any more so the nsR whant to give us the megatheriums as a way of saying that the war is over and that we won. The leader replide.

-well then lets go get those megatheriums now shall we? The leader askt.

-Yes lets do that and then get out. I replide.

Thanks for reding chapter 2 of extingtion. Chapter 3 Will be on brodmother and chapter 1 if you havent loket on it is on megapithicus so you now i hope you like the story

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