A trail of blood

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A trail of blood

Chapter 5 (final chapter before the main story begins!)

Arac’s back hurt like crazy. She twisted and turned to try and make it feel better. But no matter what, she couldn’t make her position feel comfortable. She was stuck to a metal vine of some sort, fastened to the ground of the hard metal web bow, or whatever it was. The wound, on her left hind leg was open again do to the fight with a tamed brute theri. She growled in pain, her grey, bloody scales cracked and battered. She felt a sticky liquid flow down her snout, but she couldn’t see it, cause her eyesight was foggy from all the smoke casting explosive things.

“Damb survivors! Those pesky two legged, slaving beasts!” She growled. A stab of pain sinked into her chest, and she suddenly started dosing of.


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