Sun and moon

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Sun and moon

Chapter 1 season 1

Amethyst stalked through the crystal covered forest, glowbugs soured through the dark sky, small volcanic veins sprouted out of the ground here and there, and the scorched trees surrounding the path she walked on. She took in the smell of burnt trees, burnt carcasses and the fresh smell of newly killed prey. She shock her head, and continued to walk down a slope, slightly sliding, seeing a phoenix souring through the sky. The smoke and sparks from burnt trees made it hard to breathe, and Amethyst started panicking. She started running down the slope, accidentally tripping and rolling down. She got out of the smoky area, being able to catch her breathe. She shacked the terror of, and started walking through the forest again, eventually reaching her nest, she curled up, and went to sleep, calming down, the fur on her body lay down as water dripped down on her body.

Outside, the moon was at its highest, slowly moving from its top. Far away a large wolf ran at high speed, chasing the moon.

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