A trail of blood

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A trail of blood

Chapter 7

The gate opened, light blinding Sapphire, she closed her eyes, walking forward. She soon found herself in the battle arena, a brute crystal deinonychus, stood with it’s crimson crystal crown and black striped grey feathers and scarlet scales. It growled, and Sapphire snapped her jaws back at it. She breathed in, fueling her scalding water breath. The deinonychus pounced, and Sapphire blasted its throat, burning it. Her opponent fell to the ground, struggling to breathe, though not enough to end the fight. It got to it’s feet, hissed, and clawed at the ground. Sapphire roared at it, wiping it left to right in an attempt to intimidate the enemy. She lunched at it, grabbing it by it’s neck, thrusting it towards the wall, knocking it unconscious.

Sapphire woke to the sound of her gate opening, she saw a survivor walk in with a bucket filled with crystals, primal, to be exact. She scurried over, grabbed it, and cowered in the back of her cavern sell. The single small stalactite above her, dripping one her back, soothing her. The rest of her cave was dark, gloomy and familiar. She was used to this life now, she wasn’t even sure she could be released into the wild anymore. If she was, would she even be able to hunt her own food anymore?

“Feeling down, are ya?”

“Yeah… I’m five away from being released, but I’m worried.”

“You’re lucky though! I’ve been stuck ere for years on end, me life wasted for those better’s amusement! You’ve put on a show, ya know tha, right?”

“Maybe your right…” she sighed, “but this is my natural habitat now, this is what I'm used to, nothing more.”

“That blood crystal wyvern won’t be happy seein ya go! Think he likes you.” The old yutyrannus told her.

Sapphire chuckled; “tell him I’ll be waiting for him in the nearest forest, might be needing company in the wild!” She replied, half laughing through her words.

“Will do ol friend!”

Sapphire grabbed a crystal, swallowed it, and closed her eyes, slowly dosing off, her sharp aqua colored scales softly laying down on her body, her bristling tail frills slowly laying down on her tail, as sleep carried her mind away.

Her rematch against the radical acro had finally arrived, its purple spotted, lime scales shining in the sunlight. Sapphire was on her top when it came to strength. She swiftly flies around the beast, nearly twice her size. She wiped it’s right eye, temporarily half blinding her enemy. She then latched on to it’s neck, ripping flesh of its heavy body. She got thrown of, but she quickly got to her feet, and lashed at her enemy once again. The fight went on and on. After what felt like a full month, she finally got the acro to it’s feet, ramming it with her horn, finishing the fight: only two more! She thought hopefully. She then remembered the final fight a soon to be released creature would have to fight in order to be released. The fight would either be a brute or alpha of the same species as the “released”. And Sapphire didn’t look forward to fighting the same beast that killed so many before her. Although, she might get away before she will be killed by the beast. She wondered, what was the crystal beaches like after so many years? Well, she would soon find out, or she’d be seeing the light of sköll’s blessing sending her to either heaven or hell.


Think this is worth mentioning!

Radical = R creatures

Xtreme = X creatures

And my personal ones!

Terrad = T creatures (moss and vine covered creatures with scales and hide feeling like tree bark)

They’ll be relevant later!

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