A trail of blood

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A trail of blood

Chapter 2

Arac took another bite of the fresh stego corpse, letting all the blood from the flesh flow down her throat, Soothing her. She smelled that another large carnivore was roaming in the area. Just then, a gigs emerged between two pine trees. The large clearing surrounded by tall pines, mossy sharp rocks emerging from the ground. Arac figured she had eaten enough of the stego body, and started walking off. She heard the giga’s roar behind her, fueling her rage. She whipped around, charged, and grabbed it’s throat, pushing it down to the ground, pinning it down. The blood of her enemy flowed down her throat, her bloodrage activating, giving her more power to scare away the beast.

She succeeded with driving it away, but got a lot of wounds. She grabbed a bit of narcoberries and tintoberries, munching on them, mixing them together, and then carefully placing the substance on the large left hind leg wound. She grabbed a large palm leaf, and gently pressed it on the wound, covering it up. She rested her head on the smith rock in her cavern, drifting of to sleep.


Also, Arac is a Rex sized carcharodontosaurus, with red spines on her back, slightly cracked claws, sharpened teeth, grey scales and a brown underbelly, also the gigs she fought wasn’t a fully grown one, just as Arac is a young adolescent. I’m sort of trying to make this series slightly realistic, with turf wars between dinos that live in the same area, and somewhat trying to implement the different dino abilities, like the carch’s bloodrage. Also the tinto and narcoberry mix was the most natural way of healing herbs I could think of! I’ll try adding more character and environment descriptions in the next part, as I’m still learning how to write more detailed stories! Thanks for reading!

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