Rockwell’s rage (chapter 2)

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Rockwell’s rage (chapter 2)

Rockwell’s control room, a sight to behold indeed! Many layers of paradise, and everything is monitored! Yet Rockwell’s reach is not limited by the ARK, he calls home, as the overseer of an ARK, you need to be responsible! Rockwell test subjects always obey, they are maid to slaughter! Cold hearted beasts Rome his now, magnified home! He’s original plans were to rule the galaxy, taking control of a colony ship, for better reach towards the stars! But he changed his mind, “That pesky survivor could destroy my plans, I need a better idea!” He says to himself, finally gaining back his voice! A tentacle whips aggressively in the air, swiping a survivor into a wall, giving the corrupted enforcers a splendid meal. The hidden paradise, is located under the sanctuary, that is soon fully under Rockwell’s command!


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