The Volcano

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The Volcano

Chapter 9

Magma, Fire, and Lava Rock headed towards the fight to help. The golems were throwing rocks at the dragon’s leathery wings, which surprisingly didn’t break. The magmasaurs were shooting lava at it, the spiders were crawling all over the dragon, and the bats were flying in front of the dragons eyes, blinding. It seemed like they were winning, when a rock golem died. Then another rock golem died. Soon there was only a few rock golems. Everything backed away, and the dragon was shooting ice cold water at the magmasaurs, killing them. Then the dragon dived at Magma, who didn’t know what to do. Then Magma had a idea. He charged up his lava, and when the dragon got into biting range and opened his mouth, Magma shot the lava into his mouth. The dragon turned, and roared in agony. The dragon flew away an out of the cave.

“Magma, you scared off the dragon!” Said Fire.

“Now we can survive for a bit longer now. He will definitely come back.” Said Lava Rock.

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