Terran Federation

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Terran Federation

Chapter 7

I woke to chaos. URE probably tried to push, and here we are. This was going to be a battle. I got to the battlefield with my TEK suit and rifle, ready for anything. TEK tanks and jets were quite common, but I could see jets being shot down.

“Enemy units spotted.” I said. I opened fire, hopefully hitting them. One dropped, other took a few hits before getting behind cover. I waited patiently, which took a few seconds, for him to open fire on me. I watched as my rifle’s bullets explode as they hit the enemy and his cover. I opened fire on every enemy unit I could see, and there was a lot. I heard something behind us, it sounded like backup. I shot at a TEK fighter jet, mostly hitting one of the wings. I couldn’t see what happened to it, but I then attacked a tank. I threw a Tek grenade in to the barrel of the tank. The tank attempted to shoot a TEK shell, but it ended up in the destruction of the barrel. The tank got destroyed soon after. Now there were ally TEK fighter jets and tanks, this was getting chaotic. How am I even alive? I quickly had to ignore the question as I saw a TEK fighter jet falling from the sky, right at me. I used my tek suit to speed my way from the crash site of the jet. I got news that the URE was retreating, maybe we could be the ones to push them?

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