New story again (the revival) -lava

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New story again (the revival) -lava

They worked for days and they made a huge tek thing. The huge army split in 2 groups and started working. They made a metal heart and filled all the holes in his body with tek they made a tek brain. They all put it in his body and began reviving him in the huge revival stand. After a few days he was back and stronger then ever. He looked at all of the dinos and made a angry face. Barry told him to calm down they were on his side. He walked to see a tek suit, tek sword, and tek shield. He put all his armor on and looked at the army marching towards him. He let out a loud roar and 3 alpha titans came to his side. They all had a tek suit to. Emerald got in a mega mek. They charged towards the army the titans and menโ€™s destroyed the army and emeralds huge dino army charged with Barryโ€™s army. They slowly killed every last dino when they all walked away but king titan. A dude with a mega mek was angry with king titan and charged. King titan grabbed his sword and cut the meks legs off. He stabbed the meks head and crushed the mek and the person in it with his shield. Emerald told king titan about the fact that he was causing corruption and told him how to stop it. The king titan stopped causing corruption and instead protected extinction. The titans now spread anti corruption. Rockwell stuck a tentacle out and tried grabbing emerald. He grabbed emerald and suddenlyโ€ฆ

King titan cut off Rockwellโ€™s tentacle and all the titans rushed in what seemed like genesis. The army of dinos followed to stop Rockwell. New story in Rockwell called ( a war on Rockwell part 2)

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