Lake footpaw

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Lake footpaw

By lava

Because I really haven’t made it clear this is the fourth part. Moving day was the second, when he started out on the isle that was the first and in the one where the mosa chews on the dead giga is the second.

Alpha war

Rex: So has the enemy tribe been destroyed?

Commander Seth: yes sir they have

Rex: what about the annoying pests that keep bothering our animals

Commander Seth: we have tamed those creatures sir

Rex: So when do you thi-

Captain Sky: Sir the alphas have threatened to attack us, they just destroyed one of our outposts

Rex: I say we do them one in return, ready a tapajara squadron for scouting and an icthyosaurs patrol! make sure you find them NOW

Rex: Commander Seth we have other matters to attend to, meet me at the snow cave

Commander Seth: yes sir

(5 minutes later)

Rex: We are ready to finish off the overseer and make it to whatever is next

Commander Seth: shall we fight it now?

Rex: later for now we have some alphas to fry

(Communication device turns on)

“Captain Sky:Sir their base is at herbivore island”

“Rex:bring 30 megalodon 2 giga 5 arthro 10 quetz 30 C4 dodos (untamed) 10 rexes 10 spinos and I will lead the operation on… The monster of lake footpaw.”

(20 minutes later)

Captain sky:we have breached the base send in the terrestrial Defenders

(Sends megalodons to wipe out their water tames)

Commander Seth: Sir this is your chance

(Mosa comes up from the water eating their 10 gigas one by one)



Rex: hey mosa can you handle that?

(Mosa clamps onto the titanosaur’s neck and pulls it into the water to then bite it’s head off)

Rex: what about the actual people?

Commander Seth: Me and Sky tied them all up

Captain Sky: now what do we do with them, interrogate them?

Rex: feed them to the mosa

Captain Sky: are you sure? Shouldn’t we give them mercy?

Rex… put them on a raft and set it in the middle of the sea… then feed them to the mosa

Captain Sky: Yes King Rex

Rex: king doesn’t really sound right to me…

The end be ready for the next chapter!

From lava

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