The Red war

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The Red war

By Lava

Chapter Two: Hidden in a cave

Rex woke up in a cage. It was dark and damp in the room and he saw something in the corner of his eye and yelled “ who’s there?” Commander Seth yelled “Someone help me! I’m stuck in a cage” Commander Sky said calmly “ We all are!” Then a figure walked into the room and a light turned on. “ Nerva…” said Rex “I had to bring you here in a cage so you didn’t beat me up when you woke up” said Nerva. Then Nerva unlocked all the cages including one in the corner. Barry walked out of the cage and Nerva said “Barry! Stop walking you have multiple broken bones, lay back down on the bed and one of my troops will come help you” Barry walked back to his cage and fell asleep on the bed.

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