I will write my first chapter now - lava the dilo

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I will write my first chapter now - lava the dilo


Once there was a baryonyx that lived in a river with his mom and dad. He was a newborn baryonyx. He had a normal life (kill,eat,sleep). But that all changed one day. An Oviraptor kidnapped him and took him to a small cave. The oviraptor was about to eat him when a roar-like sound came from somewhere near. The oviraptor dropped the baby baryonyx and ran. Then the baryonyx got picked up by... his older sister who is bigger than a oviraptor but smaller than a tricer. The sister put him back at the nest with his twins. ( I will give you names now: the baby baryonyx name is Barry, the sisters name is Emily, and the twins names are Tommy and William)

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