The red pike

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The red pike

Tyrana’s story

Chapter 2

She went back to the village in redwoods. She had lately tamed 20 dire bears each 1000 health and 500 damage. They killed everyone in the village and everything. The only thing left there after that fight was Tyrana. For some reason she was laughing at the pain she caused on the village. Now she went out to tame many more creatures. (20 dire bears 10 terror birds 1 Galli with saddle and 9 carnos ) she felt as if she could take on anything. Little did she know Goliath and nerva weren’t the only ones in her way. She left tons of hints to make nerva know where she is in follow her. Of course nerva was a part of her plan. The sacrifice. Her main mission was to summon. The end of the chapter (haha you’ll get the answer in the NEXT chapter)

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