Quick tip= if your gonna take on a alpha Rex make spino…

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Quick tip= if your gonna take on a alpha Rex make spino have at least 10-15 k health and do the rest in damage


Affiliantion: Spinosauridae

Diet: Piscivore

Strength level 1-10: 9

Attack moves: Swipe, Bite

Habitat:Anywhere with water(except deep water)

Classification: Collosal

Spinosaurus is one of the strongest tamable Dinoโ€™s in ark overpowering the T. rex. They are a very great tame for ark.

It has many uses like itโ€™s ability to collect prime and regular fish meat and the fact that it can deal lots of damage. It also can swim and gets a buff when you put it in the water. It is very fast on land and water.it is very useful for fighting and transporting

Scenario: You are riding your spinosaurus to a river and meet a alpha carno in your way to your tribes new base. You realize your spino canโ€™t take it on if you use 4 legs so you get like a theropod and start swiping at the carno. Once the alpha carno is dead you get back on all fours, get your water buff, and continue your journey back


(If you donโ€™t know me look in story section in Rex)

Now I expected you wanted a explanation of what you just read with the confusing parts

Strength level is for how it will do in a fight

Classification is for its size we will go from least to greatest

1:Very small

2:Under size




Bye also I will do this on more creatures-lava

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