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New story

LAST STAND (this is the end of Barry saga)


Barry ran with his son al the way home. He asked his son for the railgun and then asked his wife to hide. The king titan was nearby and tried to kill all of us before we could make the mega mek. Barry and emeralds army charged. They did good but it wasnโ€™t enough and they got knocked down. He was about to kill us all when out came a baryonyxs army from the tek teleporter. Then came a yuty with 10 carnos. Then a giga. Then a dilophosaur family. Then came 2 tek dodos they fought but they were barely holding him back when a huge mek started killing the king titan. All the dinos made his leg bloody and he fell on his leg. Then while king titan was down the mek kept hitting him. Then king titan destroyed the mek and all that was left was a huge sword and emerald. All the dinos struggled and picked up the sword and threw it straight at king titan. It went straight through his brain, killing him. They all threw a party while we watched all the corrupted dinos turn regular. but there was still an evil dude out there... we just donโ€™t know who. THE END

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