Ultimate legends chapter 9 “Goliath” dream demons”

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Ultimate legends chapter 9 “Goliath” dream demons”

It was the sunset. Yuri was about to go to sleep but Barry was staring at it, hoping he would see his wife and kids. A tear ran down is face. Slowly going down to the floor. The sunset reminded him of the streak of red on his young daughters back. The night reminded him off his younger son who was entirely black. Slowly drifting off to sleep. 3 little demons went in his head. (In his dream) Barry was in a dungeon he tried to get out but no key. He killed a guard and brought it to his cell and took the key. Then he unlocked is cell and ran to see outside the dead bodies of his many friends rotting and at the top his family. Barry fought derp and he bit derp (crunch) Barry’s dead body lay there. He was in a dark cave and got up a shadow bigger than him came grabbed Him and killed barry in seconds. Barry woke up and looked around everyone was alive and he wasn’t in a dungeon. The next night he watched as three small thing flew in yuri. Barry found a copy and made it stronger and have a flashlight strapped to it. It went in yuri then a copy came out a few seconds afterward and said”they die when they touch light” it walked away with the flashlight. Then barry walked with his army to make sure there were no derp armies in the redwoods. The redwoods was creepier than one on the island. He walked when a giant ape came in view. His army were all thinking easy fight but bloodlust did not. They charged the were biting him but he sent a few flying. Barry bit his back and yuri stabbed his heartier area. The kept biting and fighting for a while. Eventually Goliath got tired. Barry and his team got tired. Luckily he split them into 2 groups another fully rested group came in to fight. Barry and his team rested. Eventually barry got tired of this battle so he impaled goliaths lungs because of how many times he was bitten Barry was able to see where all his organs are. He stabbed each one and killed him a loud thump. He was to powerful to live. They walked and walked and got to their base. They knew they had to end derp and soon.

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