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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 48

They flew down to the titan and they tamed it.

“We did it!” Said Dexter.

“Now we have the forest titan and ice titan.” Said Carter.

“We should go to the sunken forest and get the forest titan.” Said Dexter.

They decided to do it. They went to the sunken forest, which there was a ton of corrupt creatures blocking the way, because the king titan must have known they tamed the desert titan. They got to the cave, went through it, got the artifact, and killed everything inside of there. Then they saw two big corrupt creatures waiting for them. It was the Crystal Queen and the megapithecus. The gorilla threw a rock at Dexter, which he dodged. The Queen shot a fireball at Carter, and he dodged that too. The Crystal Queen started flying above Dexter and shooting fireballs, boiling hot water, and blood. Dexter dodged the fireballs, but got hit by the boiling water, which made his mek overheat, and was hit with blood, which was destroying his mek. John and Carter shot at the Crystal Queen, but she dodged everything. Then the Queen shot fireballs at Dexter’s mek, burning it. Then John landed hits on the Queen, and it starting to bleed. Then the Crystal Queen landed, and John finished her off. Then next was the megapithecus. The gorilla died quickly.

“We lost Dexter. Now it’s just you and me.” Said Carter. Carter activated the teleporter and they teleported to the forest titan.

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