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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 47

They headed towards the desert titan’s cave in their meks. They encountered many things, but they made it to where they needed to be. Everyone checked the area around them to make sure it was safe before putting their meks in cryopods.

“Ready?” Asked Carter.

“We’re ready.” Said John. Then they teleported to the middle of the desert dome, as the desert Titan was forming in front of them. They threw out the argentavis they had in cryopods and started flying up to the titan.

“Remember, we aren’t here to kill it, we are here to save it.” Said Carter.

“So we have to guide the lightning bolts he will use on the corruption spots?” Asked John.

“And after the lightning hits it, we need to attack the corruption and destroy it.” Said Carter. Dexter was distracting the swarm, and John was leading the lightning bolts over the corruption spots.

“The corruption on the left wing is open!” Said John. John started attacking the corruption until it went back into the titan’s wing. John did the same thing and made the corruption come out of the left wing, and he finished it. Next he decided to do the right wing. He flew over the right wing and the lightning bolt hit the corruption. This time he shot at it with his tek rifle, and before the corruption could back into the wing, it was gone. Next was the tail. John went over the corruption on the titan’s tail, and the lightning hit the corruption. John destroyed the corruption easily, and the titan fell to the ground.

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