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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Chapter 43

John, Carter, Susan and Dexter went out into the wasteland. They needed to find their base and destroy it. They saw a cave, and when they saw it, George said that was the place. The team went inside the cave, and when they were not too far inside, a part of the cave collapsed.

“John are you ok?” Asked Dexter.

“I’m fine. I will find another way out.” Said John. Just then, he couldn’t hear his team anymore. And then his mek was out of fuel. John decided to leave the mek, as he did not have a cryopod. Then he walked into what seemed to look like a arena, corrupt raptors jumped down. John was about to shoot them when he saw corrupt giganotosaurus.

“This may be the end for me.” Thought John. But they didn’t kill him. Instead they escorted him to the surface. Then he saw the king Titan.

“Welcome, John.” Said the king titan. Then John saw other creatures. A corrupt Dragon, megapithecus, manticore, and the Crystal Queen.

“My titans are not here currently, but you have been brought here for a reason.” Said the king titan.

“You did very well with that supply drop. So I have brought you here to join me.” Said the king titan.

“I’m not joining you.” Replied John.

“That wasn’t a question.” Said the king titan.

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