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The Crystal King

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The Crystal King

Axel’s perspective (this takes place when he died.)

All Axel needed to do was set the bomb and they could get out of this horrible place. He knew the broodmother was somewhere in here. John had cut of its left front leg, and it hissed and escaped. He had the bomb set.

“Bomb’s set.” Said Axel.

“Then let’s get going.” Said Carter. Axel stayed a little bit behind because he got caught on a couple webs. Then they all saw the exit. The others made it out, and as soon as he got to the exit, that corrupt broodmother jumped in front of him. The cave then shut because it was made of metal. The spider webbed the door so that he could not escape.

“This is the end for me.” Said Axel. Then after the team said their goodbyes, he heard a explosion.

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