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Journey of the Kapro

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Journey of the Kapro

Ep 1

Strip woke up to the smell of food. It was difficult to smell anything in this swamp but that was food. Human meat to be exact. This smell was laced with something different though. Something New. The smell was terrible, it rotted his lungs to their core. He dove underwater just to escape. Stripe stayed until his lungs burned and the sound of what could only be described as two stones being ground together combined with the sound a tree makes as a beaver shreds it. He came up to take a breath of air. Humans clad in shiny stone were using vibrating stone sticks to quickly chop down all the trees in the area. Any creature that approached them was shot down by darts. Stripe was enraged. What gave them the power to rip down his swamp?! Why could they just walk in and take everything? It made no sense? Then it hit him, where were the sarcos?

-the nice guy

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