Welcome to the simulation!

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Welcome to the simulation!

You just made a massive beach base. You live in a PVP map we’re being raided is not an if, it’s a when. You make turrets to protect your goods, Dino’s in the yard are agressive, you have parasails every 10 feet. What you didn’t know is that the local alpha tribe is on the hunt for resources. They attack in numbers, killing off all your animals and burning your base to the ground. Your loot is gone, Dino’s dead, and base in ruins. Sound familiar? Here’s how it could have gone.

The local alpha tribe attacks but is taken off guard by a line of living land mines. Your parasaurs have time to panic, setting of the alarm and you can quickly kill the dismounted, stunned attackers. They never stood a chance. The only difference between these two scenario? One base had purlovias. These living land mines are great guards or caravan blockers. Get a bunch of them around your base and burry them. Line the wall with parasaurs and your good.

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