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So I was having a pretty bad day.

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So I was having a pretty bad day. I tried to kill an alpha raptor with a longneck: FAIL! I tried to kill a trike: FAIL! And so I took a break. When I got back on I decided to take my sarco for a run. I was patrolling the island were I lived when a found a lvl 4 bronto. My first thought was to kill it and reap the XP since I was a leave away from the pteranodon saddle. But then I realized I could possible knock it out. I began shooting at it from off my sarco and using his massive health pool to soak in the damage. I ran out of tranques but I was so desperate I mined the nearby rocks for my asendent slingshot. Pathetic, I know. But I was about to give up when I realized it was running. Lucky for me it got stuck in a rock and boxed itself in. I finally got it down and ran back to my base to fetch my carabonemis. I got back with 150 mejos and began shoving them up it’s butt. I am wrighting this now while waiting for it to finish. I will make sure to update you when it’s done. :)

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