Once there was a noob survived.

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Once there was a noob survived. He saw one of these adorable little guys and immediately wanted one. He gathered two coelacanths to tame it (if I misspelled that it’s not my fault). He brought it back to his little base on the side of the bay. The otter was his pet. Only fed the finest of fish and regularly given treats. The otter, named Otto, slept on the services bed and woke him up in the morning. The services did everything to make Otto happy and Otto did the same for his survivor. One day the services was taking Otto for a walk when he was jumped by a raptor. The survivor did his best but as soon as the raptor pounced he new it was too late. He ran back as soon as he could to save his precious otter but when he got there the otter was fine, a raptor corps sat nearby. The survivor took the otter home and fed him.

- Otto 1 true story

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