Survival journeys

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Survival journeys


It all started with a simple flash, then I found myself in a desert wasteland. Surround by sand, lots, and LOTS of sand. Dinos wandering around and… giant sand worms… great! The desert was now my home, and I just… felt with it.

Chapter 1: unwelcoming wildlife and cute hoppers

Two days after arriving in this bloody desert, I’d gotten REALLY tired of the heat. HECK, I even went as far as to try and leave the desert. Uhh… I ended up with a broken leg and half a sand worm jaw in my back, the other half in my left arm. But really, I didn’t expect anything else. THEN a week after arriving, I had made upgrades to my bow, making it more powerful! Using the jaw of the so called “death-worm” to reinforce the bow, and shoot arrows at a higher speed. After covering the arrows in toxins, or liquidized narcotics, I could easily make creatures fall asleep, and with the jerboa’s built in radar, easily avoid any storms. Not that I want to avoid the rainstorms, those are a bloody blessing! My trusty jerboa, that I named hopper, keeps me warm under the cold nights, not as warm as under a blanket, but it works. Many days are spent just enjoying the sun, but some are spent hunting. Hunting is SOOOO much easier with flaming arrows! They penetrate the creatures hide, and burns the flesh! You practically get fast cocked meat! But every day ISN’T safe, some days, wyverns fly by, almost as if they have been out hunting for food in a massive group. But I can’t keep track of them… maybe a transponder can help with that! I gotta get to work, IMMEDIATELY!


Ps, this story is sometimes gonna change perspective! Just be ready!

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