The dunes

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The dunes

Chapter 1: dry throats

I open my eyes, all I see is endless desert. I close my eyes tight, I open again. Still, I only see endless desert. Why, and what brought me here? I try standing up, but my legs were to weak. I fell to the ground, surprisingly not feeling any minor pain from the fall. Even tho I hit hard into the sandy rocks, I felt no pain. I felt a sniff in by neck, I turn around. Behind me, a beast taller then me on my knees. It stood there, it’s black and grey fur dazzling in the sun. It’s foot was stuck in a bear trap, possibly set up by poachers. I see the desperation in her eyes, the pain she fells. She is desperate for help, she seems to be young. I see how she’s dragged it far, I tried my best to open the trap. But to no use, it wouldn’t open. “It’s okey, I’ll fix it! Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you!” I remember whispering to it, not sure myself. I pulled as hard as I could, eventually opening the bear trap. She used all the power she had left, pulling out her foot. I saw how deep the wound went, even the slightest pressure on the leg could break the bone off! I gestured for her to lay down and rest, as I thought of how to make the wound heal faster. After all if she decided to stay, a mount would be welcomed. But can’t know for sure that she’ll be able to walk in awhile, I needed to make shelter for the night. At that point, a trader walked past. He saw the horrible shape she was in, he offered help. But he would need payment, I glanced at the bear trap in my hand. “Is this enough?” I asked him, thankfully he nodded. He sat down beside her, as he went to work I started into the sun. Something wasn’t right, but what?

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