Freezing tales

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Freezing tales

Chapter 2

The hunters had escaped the alpha rex, and found cover for the night. But the howling wolfs were after them, ready to rip them apart. The leader of the hunters, who had a spear tipped with the teeth of a rex, was concerned. But not for himself, but his men.

“Men! I’ll patrol the area! Get your creatures ready! We will need to flee!” He said. The hunters nodded, grabbing they’re cryopods, clenching they’re fists, getting a tight grip on the pods. The leader walked out of the cave, the sun shining down on his hat, that of being a wolf head. His brown hair fluttered in the wind, as he clenched his fist around his spear.

“God… we really got to go!” he mutters to himself, looking towards a pack of wolf riding hunters. He ran into the cave, ordering his men to saddle-up, and ride away towards safety. They left the cave, riding they’re creatures, having they’re weapons out in-case of danger. They rode towards the non snow covered part of the ARK, hoping they would be safe there. They escaped the danger, and then they found a village, where they got to move in, build they’re own houses, and become a-part of the village culture. The leader of the hunters, got married with the village princess, starting a blood-line of hunters mixed with skilled gunslingers. From the west, many years later, a blood-line called “the raptor-ians” arrived at the village, and the leader of the hunting pack, married the new princess. Thus, another tribes blood entered the royal families blood-line. One hundred years later, a male warrior in the village was born, that warrior was known as “Komivara” or “Komodovari”! But he was not pure hearted, unlike a natural born hunter, who’s life from now on, will be this stories main part!

Ps, this is a maid up map that is almost fully covered in snow, (except for the beaches) has an aberration area containing reaper king and queens, a bunch of special creatures that will be named throughout the story, a volcanic area, a redwood area and finally twelve separate caves, containing artifacts. So now you know about the map I maid-up for this story!

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