Freezing tales

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Freezing tales

Chapter 1

The hunters were plowing through the snow, hoping for shelter on the mountain peak. A sudden wind hit them, sending one survivor close to the edge of the mountain cliff. The others quickly ran to save him, the one with a ferox on his shoulder arriving first to the other’s aid. He held out his hand, as the troubled survivor grabbed the wrist, holding on tight.

“Come on! More assistance here!” He shouts to his comrades, who quickly scurried to help. They pulled and after three minutes of hard work, they pulled the survivor.

“Whoosh! That was a close one!” Another hunter says, grabbing the sword on his back, then pointing it towards a rex that had just left it’s safe haven. The others grabbed they’re weapons too, pointing them towards the rex. ROAAAR!!!

“That’s more of a defensive roar, right?” One hunter with a crossbow, says.

“Yeah! We should turn around! Flames are coming from the cave!” Another hunter says. And very well. From the cave, massive flames emerged. And out, comes a alpha rex, staring into the eyes of the hunters. They all run, one even leaping from the cliffside, being caught by the hunters argentavis. Another threw out a cryopod, containing a thylacoleo, which he jumps on. Leaping of the cliffside, his thyla digs it’s claws into the mountainside, sliding down slowly. The others ran down the path they came from.

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