Freezing tales

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Freezing tales

Chapter 3

The mountain’s powers were against him, forcing him towards the cliffside, he grabbed his climbing picks which have ropes wrapped around them, throwing it onto a rock, allowing him to hold onto it. He slowly started railing himself in towards the rock, right when he was going to grab the rock… BOOM! ROAAR! A managarm had landed an used it’s claw to cut of the rope. He was thrown towards the edge by the impact, but he managed to hold on, just by the edge. He dragged himself up, staring into the managarm’s eyes. It started raising up it’s neck, opening it’s mouth, getting ready to blast the survivor with an ice breath. FWOOOSH!!! The breath spiraled right by him, freezing his left arm.

“AGH! Stupid ice breathing dog drake!” He shouts. He stares furiously into the managarm’s eyes. The managarm shakes of some snow from its fur, frowning. Opening its mouth, readying another ice breath.

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