The Genesis part 8

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The Genesis part 8

The Crossover

The Jerboas threw little spears at the Megapithecus and used little swords and eventually managed to defeat it and get Fuzzball back

And then they went to the volcano and met other jerboas

Loki Shadow and Fuzzy

After telling them of their little adventures

Sandy:I’d like to say it wasn’t a Magmasaur that killed long ears, it was me.

Fuzzball and Squeaks:W-what?!

Sandy:*laughing now* Yes, it was me she tripped and clung to the cliff of a volcano and when she asked for help I stomped on her hands and she fell

Fuzzball:But why?

Sandy:Because without her I became leader of this clan again

Eventually Fuzzball and the others ran Lea ging Sandy in the volcano

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