The Hunt: Chapter 2:

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The Hunt: Chapter 2:

Fang? Fang!?

Scar was met with silence

Scar:Guys guys guys guys! Fang is gone!

The other raptors were

Claw, Shadow, and Killer

Killer, being a pompous replied:I’ll get him

Claw Shadow and Scar all urged him not to but the arrogant raptor didn’t listen, and it went to look

7 hours later

Guys it’s 7:00 pm where is he?

Suddenly Killer came in scratched covered in acid and his once pure grey scales were stained acid and blood

Killer:I…..I was wr…wrong

Scar:Save your breath man

Killer:No……I don’t have much time left…….it was big……gr…

And it sh….shot webs

Scar:What did?

Killer:The beeeaaaaaaaaa……………..

Suddenly Killer had, ironically been killed.

Scar:I will avenge you!

Hey guys 2 chapters done I’m glad that its going good

Stay safe in this pandemic


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