Born to fly Part 1:

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Born to fly Part 1:

Light, blinding light. She hopped about in the nest a bit and saw a bird looking down at her. She smiled, but sadly.

Valkyrie:Hello mom.

Artemis:Hello, Valkyrie.

Valkyrie:Mom, can I leave the nest?

Hans:Nein! Miroslav! Feed zis thing occasionally.

Miroslav:Come on! Cant’t I just do something else? Get some other chump to do it.

Hans:And you’re just that chump!

Suddenly with Miroslav just putting meat in Valkyrie’s mouth absentmindedly he accidentally put too much and she started choking, but Miroslav couldn’t hear because he had headphones on.

Suddenly Artemis attacked him to get his attention.

Miroslav:Good god almighty!

Miroslav fed narcotics to Artemis. She dropped unconscious.


Miroslav:I really hate Hans


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