The Genesis part 7:

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The Genesis part 7:

Cottontail:I can hear stomping

Long ears:Oh my gosh what is that!

The Ytuyrannus:We meet again!


Long ears Sandy And Squeaks:What about you!?

Cottontail:You let me in and gave me friends! Now Iโ€™ll pay the debt and save your life even if it comes at the expense of mine!

Long ears:NOOOOOOO!!

As Sandy and Squeaks dragged long ears away they heard the unmistakeable squeak of terror before suddenly being silenced.

Long ears started to cry but didnโ€™t have too long to do so because they were halted by a ferox, which they thought was a jerboa but it ate element and to their horror they saw what a monster it could be.

Eventually the Yutyrannus came back and it roared at the Ferox

Soon enough they saw the ferox had won and started eating.

Squeaks:Run! Now!

Long ears replied but barely because she was still sobbing:Ok.

Hey guys sorry if this chapter was clunky or too sad but thatโ€™s what I was thinking about, I actually got the idea of cottontail sacrificing herself from the scene in minecraft story mode where Romeo sacrifices himself to save Jesse and his friends. Anyways have a great day


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