The Genesis part 6:

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The Genesis part 6:

Long ears:We need to get some allies, right Fuzzba-oh.

I miss her so much.

Sandy, well than that’s why need to beat that ape and get our baby back!

Squeaks:Let’s go I made us a makeshift raft.

They had to fight a mosa, despite tiny hands they could throw tiny spears. Eventually they went over to the volcano. There they met a Jerboa called cottontail.

Cottontail:Can I come? I’m an orphan and it would be nice to have some friends.

Long ears:Of course you can what’s your name?


Long ears:Welcome, we’re saving one of our children.

Cottontail:Be careful, even those humans have trouble in this place.

Long ears:Let’s go.

Eventually they managed to get the snow on top of the mountain and they took a rest break


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