The Genesis part 5

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The Genesis part 5

Fuzzball:I’m hungry, we haven’t had food in weeks, you can see my ribs.

Long ears:Fuzzball take this Azulberry and keep quiet, you know what’s outside.

Fuzzball:Food? I’m gonna get some!

As Fuzzball ran out into the snow she found out to her horror what was outside, a Megapithecus

Fuzzball:OH NO!

The ape grabbed the kicking screaming and biting Fuzzball (it didn’t do much) and ran off back to its den


As they all sat eating berries, not hearing the usual squeaks of Fuzzball asking what Prussia was, or how many days in a year there were for the umpteenth time, they realized they had to options

Live in shame and breed again

Or get Fuzzball back, they decided the latter.

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