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Sorry I got all caught up in

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Sorry I got all caught up in

Crystal Lands.(btw sry for any typos it's 5 in the morning)

Griffin Tales

Chapter 4

Alvadas awoke in a dimly lit room. His head really, really hurt.

There were Survivors around him. Inspecting him. Watching him.

He realized that he was in a cage, with survivors picking at his feathers. They all had white pelts, that were really flappy and didn't feel natural.

They jumped back, grabbed their supplies and ran out of the open cage door once they realized Alvadas was awake.

There were cages with FeatherWings inside them, all over the place. Across the hall was a dark shape in the corner.

"Gorkon! Is that you?" Alvadas yelled over the noise. Gorkon's head whipped around.

"Alvadas? Where's Cillyt?"

"I don't know," he replied, "most of these FeatherWings look like I've never seen them."

"Well, they chose you," Gorkon said as he lowered his gaze, "you were chosen by the survivors. They inspect you more. For what, I do not know, but you should beware."

"Huh.." Alvadas grasped the metal bars. "Do you know if Ripnami is alright? I don't think she got stolen."

"No, she didn't." Gorkon replied.

Survivors rushed into the room, and took a look at Alvadas.

"Tame him. He's the strongest out of the new bunch," one of them said, although Alvadas could not understand them.

They grabbed their guns and shot highly efficient tranqs at him.

"Gorkon! What is thi-"

Alvadas fell once more, feeling the burning gaze of many other FeatherWings as he was dragged into the open.

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