Griffin Tales:

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Griffin Tales:

A fanfiction made by Seasnake

Chapter 1

It was a bright winter morning when Alvadas awoke. Inside his lonely cave, he checked outside. No survivors. Good, he can sleep. Survivors always try to tame them, and if they group up with other griffins, they won't succeed. So here Alvadas is, sitting in a small cave with hundreds of sleeping griffins above and below him. He was in the 26th Squadron for Protection, his leader being Kalbino, an albino male griffin. Alvadas checked his feathers for any ticks, and dirt. After inspecting his black and gold feathers, he flew outside to help Kalbino wake his workers.

"Hey, Kalbino!" Alvadas waved. Kalbino waved back.

He went down to check if Gorkon and Cillyt were waking up. He saw Cillyt, a female black and brown griffin, start to wake Gorkon. Gorkon, her brother, a massive brown with black stripes griffin, flew out with his black wings stretched.

Above, Kalbino camed down with Ripnami and Sunlow. Ripnami has a dark blackish blue body and brown wings, while Sunlow has a dark brownish gold color to his feathers. "Hey, Avadas!" Ripnami called, her wings flapping. "How's the cave?"

"It's staying together, suprisingly," Alvadas answered.

"We have to go!" Kalbino's impatient voice called as Sunlow, Alvadas, Ripnami, Gorkon and Cillyt followed down to the south-west border.

(Mind you, I am not stopping Crystal Lands anytime soon, also this was not on any map, a map where it's all tek-survivor stuff then on the wyvern side, and abberation side, and griffin side, it's all lush life.)

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